Safe Space Fitness

The Only Disability Is A Bad Attitude

What We Do? And Why Us?

Safe Space Fitness is an organization that strives to provide exercise outlets to individuals with physical disabilities. We are dedicated to YOU because TOGETHER, we're confident we can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Easy To Follow Video Exercises

With video guidance and step by step instructions, Safe Space's exercise program is one of the easiest to follow!

Live An Active Lifestyle From Home

Safe Space Fitnesses exercise program gives you the ease and functionality of exercising from the comfort of your home!

Be The Best Version of YOU

Safe Space Fitness empowers you and gives you the necessary tools to become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself!




20 Minutes A Day-That's All It Takes.

Preview Our Program Here!

Our video exercise program is easy to follow, and designed so that all our exercise movements can be done while seated! 

What's Included In Our 6-Day Exercise Program:

  •  2 "Push" Day Video Workouts 

  • 2 "Pull" Day Video Workouts

  • A Full-Body & Cardio Video Workout

  • A Stretch Mobility Video Workout

With each video showcasing new and different workouts, we're sure you'll be having fun while working up a sweat.

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