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Safe Space Fitness-Our Mission

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   Welcome to your safe space! Safe Space Fitness was created from the belief that everyone deserves a safe space to better themselves both physically and mentally. This passion of inspiring and providing exercise outlets for physically disabled individuals comes from 3 personal reasons: seeing my father go from an active lifestyle to a wheelchair in a blink of an eye, my struggles with weight loss, and avoiding a potentially fatal car accident on a highway.

   With some childhood memories, including seeing my father go through the change of an active lifestyle to a wheelchair, I understand first hand the pain & hardships individuals face through this adjustment period. Luckily, after many grueling years of physical therapy and spinal surgery, my dad was able to regain enough mobility in his legs to walk again. Here at Safe Space Fitness, we want to encourage you to share your story with us, your Safe Space family, to be a source of inspiration to help those going through that lifestyle transition.

   When a doctor told a 15-year-old me that I was pre-diabetic at 285 pounds, I realized I needed to do something for my health. I took to the internet and watched as many Youtube videos as I could to try and learn about lifting and dieting. Fitness and dieting changed my life. In 10 years, I have lost over 80 pounds. I know first hand the importance of weight loss, but also how difficult it can be to change eating habits and to exercise daily. Here at Safe Space Fitness, we empower you with the supportive environment you need to help beat those challenges to become the best version of yourself.

   In January of 2019, a slippery road caused a car with myself, my best friend, and sister to hydroplane and spin several times across four lanes. I somehow was able to maneuver my vehicle to not hit anyone or anything and ended on the shoulder of the freeway. Miraculously, everything that had to go right for me to be here went right. Being in my first near-death experience made me realize how valuable life is and how important it was to leave something to be remembered by. What I want to leave behind is Safe Space Fitness.

   Safe Space Fitness is an organization dedicated to providing exercise outlets to individuals with physical disabilities. 

   Our first outlet? The first-ever at home, streamable, video exercise program tailored for individuals who use wheelchairs. 

   With each video showcasing new and different workouts, we're sure you'll be having fun while working up a sweat. 

   Designed by Raul Chavez, our founder, and Javier Torres, professional sports therapist/trainer and gym owner, Safe Space Fitnesses exercise program guarantees you more mobility, more flexibility, more strength, and an overall healthier lifestyle.   

"...and remember, the only disability is a bad attitude."

Why Choose Safe Space Fitness?

Easy To Follow Video Exercises: With video guidance and step by step instructions, Safe Space Fitnesses exercise program is one of the easiest to follow!

Live An Active Lifestyle From Home: Safe Space Fitnesses exercise program gives you the ease and functionality of exercising from the comfort of your home!

Prevent The Loss of Movement: Safe Space Fitnesses low-impact exercise program is a fantastic way of staying active, improving your range of motion, and preventing muscle atrophy!

Gain Muscle Strength: Safe Space Fitnesses exercise program will help you feel stronger than ever. With multiple exercises designed to boost muscle strength, push your limits and become a stronger you!

Be The Best Version of YOU: Safe Space Fitness empowers you and gives you the necessary tools to become the best and happiest version of yourself.

Member Testimonials

“Truly, the exercise program is a great way to get the blood pumping and thus be active from home.”

-Jose C. 

President, Abled Advocators


“Committing to Safe Space Fitness was the best choice I have made in 2020.”

-Ashley T.


“If you wanted a sign to sign-up, this is it! You won’t regret it.”

-Tim H.


“The strength and mobility I have gained over time while using Safe Space Fitness is truly noticeable.”

-Tyler K.

“Not only did I notice that my overall mood has improved since I started [Safe Space Fitness], but friends and family have noticed too.”

-Jon J.


“My friends know I try to live an active lifestyle. I received Safe Space Fitness as a gift and it quickly one of my favorite gifts.”

-Gary C.


“Having the luxury of taking my workout from my phone to my laptop is super convenient.”

-Mark R.




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